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Top 5 Cowboy Hats

These are some of our favorite cowboy hats we've sold over the years.

Juliens Auctions - LOT 775

Juliens Auctions - LOT 762

Juliens Auctions - LOT 178

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Juliens Auctions - LOT 246

007 - The Gadgets Of A Secret Agent

Few contemporary film franchises have the global and multi-generational fanbase that the James Bond series has produced over the last sixty years, starting with the iconic Dr. No in 1962. Spanning twenty-seven films, seven iconic actors have taken on the role of the smart, charming, and illusive secret agent, who outwits his foes at every turn. Stars such as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, and more, have become immortalized through their role as James Bond.


A number of incredible James Bond film rarities have made their way to Julien’s Auctions in recent years. Topping the impressive list is a hero Walther P5 pistol as seen used by Sean Connery as James Bond in Never Say Never Again and Sean Connery’s Walther PP pistol as seen used in Dr. No. From Skyfall, Daniel Craig’s stunt PPK pistol and MI6 passes were only matched by a 007 stunt-double suit and Mr. Hinx’s fingernail props from Spectre. Other top items include James Bond’s American Express Centurion card from Quantum of Solace, a model helicopter from You Only Live Twice, and Pierce Brosnan’s suit as seen worn in GoldenEye.


On offer in September are several one-of-a-kind props from various James Bond films, including an Aston Martin DB10 control panel prop custom-made for the 2015 film Spectre. This type of aluminum switch panel, developed at Pinewood Studios, can be seen during the car chase through the streets of Rome when James Bond (Daniel Craig) is followed by Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista) in a Jaguar C-X75. The unique labels on the device refer to an in-car sound system (Atmosphere), rear flame thrower (Exhaust), rear machine gun (Backfire), and an ejector seat (Air).

Another highlight is a deactivated Walther P99 prop as used Pierce Brosnan in the 1997 film, Tomorrow Never Dies. The P99 in the 1997 film would be the first time that the James Bond franchise broke away from the classic PPK, PP, and P5’s used in every Bond film since 1962. This incredible offering is one of only eleven firearms acquired for the film, which has a serial number that is marked in the included book, 007 The Armoury.


These rare James Bond items will be available in our upcoming Legends: Hollywood and Royalty auction which will take place September 6th through September 8th. Be sure to register to bid!

007 - The Gadgets Of A Secret Agent
Stylish Queens of Comedy

Funny ladies often thrill us with their style as much as with their brilliant comedy. Julien’s has had the honor of selling many iconic costumes, gowns, and jewelry items worn by these royal women.

Last year, we sold a brown silk taffeta day dress made for Lucille Ball—arguably the most influential of them all—for The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episode “The Celebrity Next Door,” on which Tallulah Bankhead visits Lucy and Desi. The episode is one of Lucy’s all time most hilarious classics, and fans were delighted to have the chance to see it at our exhibit and bid on it at auction. That same sale brought an embarrassment of Lucy riches, also including a lace-trimmed silk organza apron worn by Ball in her hit film The Long, Long Trailer (MGM, 1953).


Julien’s has sold many costumes from Carol Burnett’s celebrated collaboration with Bob Mackie, including a silver sequined ensemble she wore while impersonating Cher on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, and later on Cher, when she and the grand diva herself sang “Lonely at the Top.”


At the blockbuster sale “Property from the Life and Career of Betty White,” fans clamored to own a sapphire necklace worn by White in episodes of two of the most iconic sitcoms of all time: The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls. In a delightfully meta twist, White wore the necklace on an episode titled “The Auction,” on which Rose accidentally bid $30,000 on a painting she hated!

There will be more costume pieces worn by comedy queens available for bid in our upcoming “Legends: Hollywood and Royalty” sale, including a screen-matched skirt worn by Penny Marshall as Laverne DeFazio on the opening sequence of seasons six through eight of Laverne & Shirley, a nice companion piece to the Shirley (Cindy Williams) bowling shirt which we sold last April; and a gorgeously garish group of ‘80s sweaters as seen worn by Wendi McLendon-Covey as Beverly Goldberg, (one of the funniest TV moms) on The Goldbergs. They’re especially unique because they were originally owned and worn by the real Beverly Goldberg, who inspired the series!

Register now for a chance to bid in our upcoming “Legends: Hollywood and Royalty” auction!

Stylish Queens of Comedy
Better Call Saul Goodman!

It’s all good, man, but if you run into trouble and need help, you better call Saul Goodman!

Following the recent finale of the popular crime series, Better Call Saul, Julien’s Auctions will have a number of desirable items up for bid, including a costume ensemble as seen worn by Bob Odenkirk as “Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman” in the episode where he decides to turn his life around and become the fan-favorite, world-class attorney known as Saul Goodman.

Other popular character costumes will also be on hand, including ensembles for “Kim Wexler” (Rhea Seehorn), and “Howard Hamlin” (Patrick Fabian).

And let’s not forget where it all began! An assortment of production props and wardrobe from the mindblowing series Breaking Bad will also be available, including jackets as seen worn by your all-time favorite characters “Walter White” (Bryan Cranston) and “Jesse Pinkman” (Aaron Paul).

Register now to bid in our “Legends: Hollywood and Royalty” auction for your chance to take home a piece of the action!

Better Call Saul Goodman
Make It Pink

Pink is a statement color, which is likely the reason Audrey chose a specific shade of flamingo pink for a fall 1960 Givenchy couture dress to be made specifically for her role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The original design of the dress was in black, and it was photographed on two notable women, the first being Lee Radziwill, as she was leaving the Carlyle Hotel in New York with sister Jackie, and the second being French model and actress Capucine.

Audrey primarily wears black dresses in the classic film, except for the one pink dress she wears upon returning home with José from a night out – outfitted with a matching pink silk evening jacket, shoes, and a glittering pink jeweled tiara. This dress reflects Holly’s optimism about her relationship and the new life she will have with Jose upon moving to South America.

Audrey’s color change was not the only design modification she made with the dress; she also asked for a lower neckline and a lower cut at the back. A VIP client could always ask the house to modify a couture design in terms of color, cut, and embellishment. Although few clients have the ear of the designer to directly ask for such changes themselves!

Audrey became a fan of Givenchy after his first collection in 1952. When she was set to star in Sabrina, Audrey was advised by director Billy Wilder to get a Parisian wardrobe to emphasize the character’s growth and confidence while abroad. Audrey’s Givenchy wardrobes , while they evolved in each film collaboration, have become a timeless reference to elegance and glamour in both film and fashion.

Hepburn’s flamingo pink dress will be on offer at Julien’s Auctions in our upcoming “Legends: Hollywood and Royalty” auction on September 8th. So make sure you register now to bid!

Make It Pink