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Top 5 Money Clips

These are some of our favorite money clips we've sold over the years.

Juliens Auctions - LOT 13

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Juliens Auctions - LOT 174

Live Long And Prosper ...And Don’t Forget To Bid

The incredible auction results from the sale of Star Trek franchise costumes and props is testimony to the unfathomable impact the series has had on the world.

From a “laser rifle” used by William Shatner in the pilot episode of the original series, to a pair of swollen hand props used by Chris Pine in the 2009 reboot – Julien’s Auctions has seen it all.

In our upcoming “Legends: Hollywood & Royalty” auction, taking place in September, we will continue to deliver the goods, including an original Copernicus shuttle miniature from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier that comes with its original Paramount Studios crate; and several full-scale Star Trek: Enterprise torpedo props. Also on hand will be a number of collectible film posters signed by William Shatner, George Takei, Christopher Lloyd, Nichelle Nichols, Kirstie Alley, and more.

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Star Trek
A Blonde Bombshell – When Monroe Met Her Father

Celebrity auctions literally have the power to change lives – or at least the power to change the narratives of lives.

Consider for example, Marilyn Monroe. As Hollywood’s most iconic star and preeminent sex symbol, Monroe has been the subject of countless biographies, magazine and newspaper articles, biopics, and investigative documentaries. It’s not unreasonable to think we already know everything possible about her short 36 years on the planet.

Yet, last December, Julien’s Auctions dropped a seismic bombshell on Monroe devotees by offering a previously unknown “get-well” greeting card which Stanley C. Gifford gave her during a hospital visit.

If you’re a newcomer to the Monroe legend, you’re likely asking, “Who the heck is Stanley C. Gifford? Well, he’s the man commonly believed to have been Marilyn’s father, although her true paternity has been a subject of debate for decades. The consensus of most Monroe biographers is that the actress sought to meet with Gifford, only to be rebuffed because he was married with a family and didn’t want to be reminded of his affair with Monroe’s mentally ill mother.

In 2022, a DNA test was performed on a strand of Monroe’s hair (that had been salvaged from a trash can following her autopsy) and a saliva swab from one of Gifford’s grandchildren. This proved conclusively that Gifford was definitely her biological father.

The “get-well” card was recently discovered in the archives of Monroe’s personal property. It proved, contrary to the printed legend, that she did indeed meet her father – apparently during a brief hospital stay in 1954.

This simple greeting card, which probably cost a few cents when purchased, was sold by Julien’s for the staggering sum of $31,250. That sound you hear is writers scurrying to their laptops to revise their Monroe biographies!

Marilyn is an enduring favorite with Julien’s Auctions, and has appeared on the cover of our catalogues more than any other celebrity. It’s a safe bet we’ll be offering more unique Monroe items in future sales, so be sure to register for our upcoming Hollywood auctions.

Greeting Card
Designer Spotlight: Helen Rose

Chicago-born costume designer Helen Rose is regarded as one of the most influential creators of the 20th Century, with pieces ranging from stage and screen attire to a wedding dress fit for a princess (literally).

After studying at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Rose began her career designing costumes for the stage, then in 1940 transitioned to the big screen, working on films for 20th Century Fox. From there she quickly ascended the ranks, later becoming head costume designer at MGM after esteemed designer Adrian Adolph Greenberg’s departure.

Rose is attributed with countless iconic designs for Hollywood royalty such as Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Esther Williams, and Grace Kelly — the latter becoming a close friend who would eventually ask Rose to design her wedding gown for her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956.

Over the years, Julien’s Auctions has had the pleasure of representing many items from the iconic designer, from elaborate costumes to original sketches, including a lace-trimmed apron worn by Lucille Ball in the classic comedy The Long, Long Trailer, a dance costume worn by Joan Crawford in Torch Song, and a blouse worn by Elizabeth Taylor during the making of A Place in The Sun.

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Helen Rose
Shifting Gears With Julien’s Auctions

Julien’s Auctions has proudly sold a number of rare and unique vehicles once cherished by celebrity owners – including cool rides owned by Elvis Presley, Neil Young, Jerry Lewis, Lucille Ball, Neil Diamond, and Kenny Rogers.

Celebrities need to get around too, and their choice of transportation offers fans a glimpse into their day-to-day lives. Can you picture Doris Day puttering around Carmel, California in her 1930 Ford “Model A” Rumble Seat Roadster – which she affectionately named “Buttercup” – or Betty White evading the TMZ paparazzi on the streets of Beverly Hills in her 2000 Cadillac STS?

Other highlights sold at Julien’s Auctions include the Burt Reynolds owned “Smokey and the Bandit” Pontiac Trans Am, Janet Jackson’s 2003 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, a black 1956 Ford Thunderbird owned by Marylin Monroe, and Kurt Cobain’s only known car still in existence, a 1965 powder blue Dodge Dart! How fitting is that?

In our upcoming “Icons and Idols: Rock ‘N’ Roll” auction in November, Julien’s will be offering some more legendary vehicles, including a rare 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427 4-speed previously owned by Guns N’ Roses guitar god, Slash, and a special surprise from the King of Rock and Roll that we will be revealing in the coming weeks.

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Pontiac Trans Am