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Top 5 Road Cases

These are some of our favorite road cases we've sold over the years.

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A Rockstar Finally Gets His Wheels

Slash is one of the most recognizable guitarists and musicians of the modern era, and is considered one of the greatest electric guitar players of all time. His solo in the Guns N’ Roses song “November Rain” was ranked number 6 by Guitar World magazine, and his riff from “Sweet Child o’ Mine” was ranked number 1 by Total Guitar magazine. The first Guns N’ Roses album, “Appetite for Destruction,” would become the best-selling debut album of all time, selling over 28 million copies.

After the group’s success with their first album, band members were finally able to treat themselves to the luxury items they’d been dreaming of since they were kids. Slash knew exactly what he wanted – one of the most desirable sports cars to come out of the United States: the 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

In an article with Vette Magazine, Slash noted that he bought this particular car during the rise of Guns N' Roses, making it one of his first significant purchases while with the band.

“I bought the ’66 Corvette in 1988, and it is the first real car I ever actually owned back when Guns N’ Roses made any money. Before that I had a Honda CRX, but that doesn’t count as a real car. All the important stuff is original, and it runs killer. I hate to part with it, but it never gets driven ...I’m always on the road.”

Julien’s Auctions is proud to be offering Slash’s classic Corvette Stingray in our upcoming Music Icons auction this November!

The vehicle, which is equipped with a 7.0-liter 427 big block engine, mated to a four-speed Munchie manual transmission (producing 390 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque), has had minor customizations giving it an appearance similar to that of a 1967 Stingray; including a “stinger” style hood with red striping, and Rally-style wheels with center caps. The vehicle also exhibits an addition third taillight on either side of the rear. The interior retains much of its originality, with low-back vinyl bucket seats, and a sports wood grain steering wheel.

Register now for your chance to own this legendary vehicle, cherished for over twenty years by a true rock and roll icon!

A Rockstar Finally Gets His Wheels
Frank Zappa And The Simpsons

In the entertainment world, certain collaborations are predictable, while others are unexpected and strange, yet wonderful. Take, for example, the bond developed between two exceptional personalities: Frank Zappa and Matt Groening. If you're a fan of groundbreaking music and boundary-pushing humor, this friendship is sure to pique your interest.

Frank Zappa was an acknowledged innovator in the realm of music. His avant-garde approach and blend of intricate compositions, humor, and provocative lyrics defied industry norms. Similarly, Matt Groening, the visionary behind the iconic animated series The Simpsons, is recognized for his satirical examination of American culture, challenging prime-time sitcom conventions of the time. His razor-sharp wit and ability to deliver incisive social commentary have cemented The Simpsons as a cultural mainstay. But did you know that Groening drew significant inspiration from the brilliance of Frank Zappa?

Zappa's fearless examination of societal absurdity resonated with Groening and influenced him beyond simple admiration. Zappa’s influence is woven into the very fabric of The Simpsons- you can spot his peculiarity sprinkled throughout the series. In the episode “The Girl Who Slept Too Little” the Simpson family is depicted walking into a convention with a banner reading “Fathers of Invention,” with “and Mothers” tagged above …a nod to Zappa’s band The Mothers of Invention. During a brief scene in the episode, “A Midsummer's Nice Dream,” you can see a copy of a rock magazine with Zappa’s face on the cover. The influence of Zappa is also apparent in the show's diverse musical references and satirical jabs at American culture.

Most importantly, Zappa's musicality is echoed in the iconic Simpsons theme song. Composed by Danny Elfman, Groening supplied a tape with examples of what he wanted the theme to sound like. Among multiple songs on this tape was a Remington electric shave commercial from the late 60s featuring music from Zappa with lyrics by Linda Ronstadt. So, when you hear those catchy opening notes, remember that you're tuning into a salute to the spirit of Frank Zappa.

Over time, Groening and Zappa built a special friendship, creating a profound association and leaving an indelible mark on pop culture. And while Zappa’s music may seem worlds away from Groening’s animation, their mutual appreciation for pushing boundaries unites them. In celebration of this unique relationship, we are delighted to offer a rare collection of The Simpsons ephemera from the personal collection of Zappa at our next Music Icons auction this November - commemorating the bond between these two cultural icons.

"Americans are really suspicious of anything cerebral, and Zappa didn't disguise his intelligence well enough. In addition to being a man of wide-ranging talent, one amazing thing that always struck me about Frank was his melodic dimension ... Frank Zappa was my Elvis. His example encouraged me... One of the things that impressed me was that he didn't allow anything to be beyond him, high culture or low culture. As soon as Bart Simpson is able to shave, he'll have a mustache and goatee just like Frank Zappa."

-Matt Groening in "Guitar Players Presents," 1992

Frank Zappa And The Simpsons
Elvis Presley's Most Expensive Love Affair

Of Elvis Presley’s many public love affairs, it seems the one most flaunted – and expensive – was the king’s obsession with over-the-top statement jewelry.

Growing up poor in Tupelo, Mississippi, when Presley pursued a career in music and finally made it big, he was not shy about making up for lost financial time. Presley’s penchant for the finer things began with his Memphis estate and progressed into cars, clothing, private jets, and flashy jewelry. At the time, while it was not uncommon for Hollywood legends such as Elizabeth Taylor to flaunt their jewels to movie premiers and in photo shoots, Presley normalized this image for rock stars and skyrocketed his image into icon status with the help of his bold accessorizing – specifically during his infamous Las Vegas residency at the International Hotel.

Presley’s impressive collection included statement gold and diamond encrusted rings, large pendant necklaces, religious-themed pieces, pins, cufflinks, and even included pieces Presley designed himself (which included TCB – “Taking Care of Business” – rings and necklaces).

Among the past highlights sold at Julien’s Auctions from Presley’s personal collection, is a 14k gold “E.P.” medallion necklace with two .30 carat diamonds used for punctuation, on a gold chain given to Presley on-stage at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1974 by Janus Mays, a jewelry maker and fan; and a turquoise bracelet from the Presley’s personal jewelry box.

But despite his big spending habits on personal possessions, Presley was known as an extremely giving person, and, on many occasions gifted his close friends and colleagues treasures we’ve had the pleasure of offering – such as a circa 1970s 14K Gold "TCB" pendant necklace given to the singer's close friend, Cliff Gleaves.

Be on the lookout for more pieces from Presley’s personal collection up for sale in our upcoming Music Icons auction this November!

Elvis Presley's Most Expensive Love Affair
Two Comedy Icons, One Script

Since the groundbreaking sitcom I Love Lucy premiered in 1951, Lucille Ball has been regarded as the first lady of television comedy. Yet, she’s even more than that. She’s also a perennially popular subject for collectors and, thus, a longtime favorite of Julien’s Auctions. Artifacts and mementos from her long career consistently garner high caliber results.

Recent sales at Julien’s Auctions include an apron Ball wore opposite her husband Desi Arnaz in the 1953 romantic-comedy The Long, Long Trailer; a trio of I Love Lucy teleplays; and a taffeta dress worn by Ball in the famous Tallulah Bankhead guest-starring episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.

There’s still plenty of Lucy love to go around. In our upcoming online-only auction, Brady Bunch and More fans have the opportunity to bid on the teleplays, complete with revision pages, for the episode of Here’s Lucy titled “Lucy and Donny Osmond,” in which busy child actress Eve Plumb (aka Jan Brady) moonlighted from her television family to play an extended member of Lucy’s. Plumb guest-starred as Lucy’s niece Patricia, an obsessive Osmond fan, whom Lucy takes to a concert to meet her idol. Plumb’s scripts are filled with her scribblings and doodles, and the lot features a card from Ball’s office thoughtfully reminding the younger actress of the episode’s premiere date. That must have been a sunshine day for both actresses.

It’s a safe bet many more unique Lucille Ball items will be offered in future sales, so be sure to register for our upcoming Hollywood auctions.

Two Comedy Icons, One Script