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Houston, We Have A Sports Fan

Dusty Hill was an avid sports fan, and when he wasn’t rocking out on-stage with ZZ Top he was cheering for his local Houston area sports teams. Hill used to collect memorabilia from the Astros, the Rockets, the Texans , and the Oilers. During the mid-1980s, he even supported the Gamblers in the U.S. Football league …but that was before they moved to New Jersey.

As part of Dusty Hill’s iconic estate collection, open for bidding now online, Julien’s is offering many of Hill’s most prized possessions, including signed football jerseys, multiple team-signed basketballs from the Rockets, as well as baseballs and bats signed by players such as Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, and more.

Hill was a true Texan, but his sports memorabilia included items from non-Houston franchises as well, such as the 1994 New York Yankees, the 1997 Montreal Expos, and players such as Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Roger Staubach, and others.

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Houston, We Have A Sports Fan
ZZ Top & The King Of Rock

In the early 1970s, ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons and drummer Frank Beard indirectly crossed paths with the venerable Elvis Presley during the wee hours of the morning in Memphis, Tenn. Much to their surprise, the longtime admirers of the late “King of Rock and Roll,” encountered Presley at a Memphis street corner following a late-night session.

"We were leaving the studio about 3 o'clock in the morning,” Gibbons told Toronto Star’s Peter Howell back in 1992. “We drove up to the corner, the light was red and, while we were waiting, a big black Lincoln pulled up next to us,” he recalled. "We looked over and it was this moment of disbelief,” Gibbons said. “It really was him. And he took a big draw on something he was smoking – he kind of threw his head back and said, 'Hey, howya doin'?'”

What happened next left Gibbons and Beard speechless.
"Then, Elvis just floored it through the red light, because he owned Memphis, of course,” said Gibbons, adding, “The King stopped for no one."

Given the allure of Presley and the countless tales of his life during and after his death, it’s no wonder Dusty Hill kept a framed portrait of the King on display in his memorabilia room.

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ZZ Top & The King Of Rock
Manuel Cuevas - The Rhinestone Rembrandt

So few designers have accomplished the feat of becoming equally as notable as the designs they’ve created, but for Manuel Cuevas (known for his embroidered Western-style garments that helped define the images of iconic artists such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, The Rat Pack, Dolly Parton and many more) his legend continues to live on.

Growing up in Michoacan, Mexico, Cuevas discovered his passion for sewing while young and at age 14 became the town’s resident prom dressmaker. He later moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue a career in fashion, quickly forming relationships with established designers such as Sy Devore and master embroiderer, Viola Grae.

It was through Grae that Cuevas met famed rodeo tailor, Nudie Cohn, a meeting that would forever alter the course of his life and career. After relocating to Hollywood and gaining a following from his uniquely bedazzled suits, Cohn and his wife opened Nudie's of Hollywood, trademarking a style that has attracted everyone from Old Hollywood cowboys to famed rockstars. Working for Cohn, Manuel met and fell in love with Cohn’s daughter Barbara, and the two were married in 1965. After having a child in 1968 and later divorcing in 1975, Manuel decided to branch off on his own and opened up a shop down the street from Nudie’s called “Manuel Couture.”

Through his new endeavor, Cuevas managed to keep clients who adored him through Nudies, as well as build a base of celebrity clientele on his own that included Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Jack White, and many more. But no matter the client, Cuevas always stuck to his Mexican roots by incorporating motifs from home into his work, mixed with classic cowboy imagery.

Today, Cuevas can still be found making suits at the age of 90 at his studio in Nashville, TN, and continues to carry a legacy of creating incredible one-of-a-kind pieces. In Julien’s upcoming auction “The Collection of Dusty Hill of ZZ Top” taking place from December 8-9 in Dallas, TX, and online, we are excited to offer many unique pieces made by Cuevas for Dusty Hill, including custom jackets, boots, and button-downs.

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Manuel Cuevas - The Rhinestone Rembrandt
Top It Off With A Hat!

Dusty Hill is known for his guitar skills, but he’s also identified by his eccentric style – wearing high-crown hats like Stetsons, boaters, fedoras …and of course, top hats. Julien’s Auctions is currently offering a variety of top hats that were once part of Dusty Hill’s personal collection.

Designed in the late 18th century, top hats were worn by men to reflect their wealth and position in society. Abraham Lincoln, who was 6 foot 4, wore the hat to stand out even taller, underlining the hat’s assertive nature and design. Over time, the entertainment industry reshaped the perception of the top hat, making it into a stylish stage accessory. Quite a few musicians have adopted the top hat as part of their wardrobe, including Duke Ellington, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks, Slash, Shania Twain, and others.

If you’re on the hunt for a distinct vintage accessory, there are several Dusty Hill lots to bid on: a Tress London beaver fur top hat; a leather top hat with an embellished band; and a black felt top hat decorated with feathers, beading, and metal accents. These bold items carry the personality of Dusty Hill and the music he created!

ZZ Top's Top Hat