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Top 5 Skateboards

These are some of our favorite skateboards we've sold over the years.

Juliens Auctions - LOT 810

Juliens Auctions - LOT 1017

Juliens Auctions - LOT 35

Juliens Auctions - LOT 285

Juliens Auctions - LOT 486

Up for bid now is an original “Griff Tannen” hoverboard from Back to The Future

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Jump To Hyperspace

Iconic characters play a big role in our love of classic Sci-Fi films, but just as worthy of worship are their silent counterparts – I’m talking about spaceships, of course!

Spaceships are essential to the stories and often become just as iconic as the living, breathing characters themselves. What would Star Wars be without the Millennium Falcon?

The original models used in the productions of these movies are highly sought-after by collectors. Julien’s Auctions has proudly found homes for many of these desirable props, including a large-scale original “U.S.S. Discovery One” spacecraft from 2010: The Year We Make Contact; and a Vulcan “T’Pau” starship from Deep Space Nine.

Entering orbit in our September auction is an original special effects “Klaatu” flying saucer from the 1951 Sci-Fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still; a Copernicus shuttle from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier; and a U.S.S. Yeager from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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Jump To Hyperspace
Those Dreaded High School Photos!

Before your favorite celebrities stepped into the spotlight to become iconic Hollywood superstars, they were just average, pimple-faced high schoolers – and their yearbooks from those awkward days provide us with a look back to a time when they were just like the rest of us!

Julien’s Auctions has sold quite a few annuals over the years, including a 1962 Montclair yearbook from Cher’s personal collection, a 1942 yearbook featuring Norma Jean Baker before she became the iconic Marilyn Monroe, and a page from the 1948 Fairmount yearbook, signed by none other than James Dean himself.

Up for bidding now, in our Legends: Hollywood & Royalty auction, will be a couple yearbooks with particular appeal to sci-fi / fantasy collectors – a 1969 Nile C. Kinnick yearbook, signed multiple times by Mark Hamill – best known of course as “Luke Skywalker” in the Star Wars universe; and a 1970 Princeton Day yearbook featuring Christopher Reeve as a senior! It’s bird, it’s a plane …it’s Superman! (Eight years before he donned the iconic red cape).

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Those Dreaded High School Photos!
Ice In The African Sun: The Tumultuous Filming of "Mogambo"

The best things in life never come easy, and that old adage often translates to the making of our favorite classic films. Such is the case of John Ford’s adventure/drama Mogambo, starring Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, and newcomer Grace Kelly – from which Julien’s is proud to offer a treasure in our upcoming auction, Legends: Hollywood and Royalty.

Filming began on location in Nairobi, Kenya in November of 1952, (with interior shots done at the MGM-British Studios in Hertfordshire, England) where the cast was greeted upon arrival by armed guards protecting them from an uprising by the local Mau Mau tribe. This became an ongoing issue when two of the crew members were revealed to be part of the tribe, and it was rumored that they wanted to assassinate the leading man, Gable.

Another major talking point on set (and for months after wrapping) was an alleged affair between stars Kelly and Gable, who was 28 years her senior. More serious tragedies included three members of the crew being killed in driving accidents, due to poor conditions caused by heavy rain. But despite the challenges, and with the help of the star-studded cast, the film became a box-office success and garnered Golden Globe, Bafta, and Oscar nominations.

One stunning relic from the film, to be offered September 8th, is a gown designed by Helen Rose and worn by Kelly as Linda Nordley during an uneasy dinner at the African base camp alongside her husband, Donald (Donald Sinden). At the dinner, Linda must navigate Eloise "Honey Bear" Kelly's verbal digs aimed at the secretive relationship forming between Linda and the group's leader, Victor Marswell (Clark Gable), whom Honey Bear still has feelings for. The film marked Kelly and Rose’s first on-film costume collaboration.

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Ice In The African Sun: The Tumultuous Filming of
Bogie and Bacall: A Love For The Ages

"No one has ever written a romance better than we lived." – Lauren Bacall

The silver-screen to real-life romance of Lauren Bacall and Humprey Bogart is certainly one for the storybooks, and, in our upcoming auction Legends: Hollywood & Royalty, taking place online and in Beverly Hills on September 6-8, Julien’s is lucky to contribute to the fairytale by offering a number of items significant to their love affair.

Introduced on the set of 1944’s noir To Have and Have Not, 19-year-old Bacall and 44-year-old Bogart quickly fell hard for each other, despite Bogart being already married to his third wife. After filming, the pair was forced to split and return to their normal lives, until reuniting months later on the set of The Big Sleep. Shortly after their rekindling, Bogart officially split from his wife and then married Bacall on May 21, 1945, at Malabar Farm. Despite the Hollywood naysayers claiming the relationship would never last, Bogie and Bacall stayed together until his tragic demise from cancer in 1957.

Throughout their relationship, the pair would often exchange letters and tokens of their love, which Julien’s is proud to offer. Available for bidding now is a 14k gold bracelet with a whistle charm, engraved "BETTY BACALL" on one side, and the words "THE WHISTLER" on the verso – a reference to her famous line in To Have and Have Not (You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and... blow).

Also on offer is an inscribed heart-shaped gold locket with a simulated garnet on one side that reads, “Baby / Here's my heart / Bogie,” as well as the couple’s original wedding rings.

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Bogie and Bacall: A Love For The Ages