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Darren Julien


Darren Julien is the founder of Julien's Auctions and President/Chief Executive Officer. A third-generation entrepreneur, Darren has been in the auction industry for his entire business career. As CEO he is charged with the overall vision and expansion of the Julien’s brand. He is also responsible for creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of the organization and heads the Global Leadership team. He is a graduate of the Reppert School of Auctioneering which was established in 1921 and earned a Reppert Diploma, a sign of excellence in the field. It is his experience, expertise and enthusiasm that has propelled Julien's Auctions to the market leader position.

Darren’s unique understanding and sincere passion for the entertainment and sports memorabilia markets led him to found Julien’s Auctions in 2004. His network and marketing talents fueled early sale partnerships with Christie’s and Sotheby’s including Property from the Estate of Johnny Cash, CHER, and designer Bob Mackie along with rock and roll and film sales.

The innovative marketing campaigns and environments created by Julien has led the auction house to the dominant position it maintains in the industry. Collaborating with the famous and exclusive, Julien’s produces high profile auctions around the world, customized for particular markets and collectors. With high profile events in the sports, film, music and art markets, Julien’s has received international recognition for its auction events that attract thousands of collectors, investors, fans and enthusiasts from around the world. Darren has been responsible for the sales of iconic artifacts and notable collections including the property of Marilyn Monroe, PELÉ, Mohammed Ali, Bette Midler, Joan Collins, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Lady Gaga, the street artist Banksy, CHER, Michael Jackson, U2, Jimi Hendrix, Barbra Streisand, Bob Hope, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, among many others.

In 2016, Darren oversaw the three-day auction event of MARILYN, featuring property of famed acting coach Lee Strasberg, Lord David Gainsborough-Roberts and the infamous Jean Louis dress the legend wore at Madison Square Garden in 1962. Julien’s Auctions was recently awarded its second placement in the Guinness Book of World Records for the sale of the world’s most expensive dress ever sold at auction, the Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress which sold for $4.81 million. In 2009 Julien’s first achieved placement in the Guinness Book of World Records for the sale of Michael Jackson’s white glove which sold for $480,000, making it the most expensive glove ever sold at auction.

Julien’s vision, risk-taking, innovative marketing plans and industry reputation have created one-of-a-kind exhibition partnerships with the Museum of Style Icons in Ireland, the Museo de la Moda in Chile, the Hard Rock Café in New York, and the Palms in Las Vegas, to name a few.

Darren’s passionate focus on all things pop culture and contemporary sets Julien’s far apart in the auction industry. His innovation and differential strategy of “take the auction to the targeted buying crowd” has been responsible for much of the brand’s success. In addition, Darren’s early adoption of digital real-time bidding has enabled the company to build a truly global buying audience.

Julien regularly appears in media as an industry expert and has been featured on The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, CNN, the BBC and many other high profile news outlets. A proud native of Indiana and self-described “world traveler”, Darren lives in Los Angeles, New York and London.

Martin J. Nolan

Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer

Martin J. Nolan is the Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and a principal of Julien’s Auctions. As CFO, he is responsible for assisting in formulating the company’s future direction and supporting tactical initiatives. He also manages the accounting, human resources, transaction processing systems, and legal and tax departments. As Executive Director, Nolan monitors and directs the implementation of strategic business plans and is a member of the Global Leadership team that manages Julien’s Auctions worldwide.

Prior to joining Julien’s in 2005, Nolan’s extensive financial background included executive positions on Wall Street for over a decade with Merrill Lynch and J.P. Morgan Chase. A graduate of Reppert School of Auctioneering, Martin earned a Reppert Diploma, the sign of excellence in the field of auctioneering. Martin’s efforts are also concentrated on developing and expanding the company’s presence in Europe, Australia and Asia where Julien’s has maintained continued success with Nolan’s impressive global relationships. He has led Julien’s to build an ever-expanding international client base managing the company’s proprietary relationships with international exhibition partners such as the Museum of Style Icons in Ireland, The Museo de la Moda in Chile and The Mall Galleries in London which presented the 2016 record-breaking auction Pelé: THE COLLECTION featuring property of the three-time World Cup Champion, FIFA Player of the Century and Brazilian Football icon.

Nolan’s passion for popular culture and the auction industry is only matched by his dedication to philanthropic efforts alongside Julien’s Auctions. A firm believer in the power of celebrity, Martin routinely assists charities in raising much needed funds and has conducted auctions for numerous high profile organizations including MusiCares, the Recording Academy charity that provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in need.

As a principal of Julien’s, Martin has been responsible for the planning and execution of high profile artifact auctions and collections. The innovative marketing campaigns and environments created by Julien’s Auctions has led the auction house to the dominant position it maintains in the industry. Collaborating with the famous and exclusive, Julien’s produces high profile auctions around the world, customized for particular markets and collectors. With high profile events in the sports, film, music and art markets, Julien’s has received international recognition for its auction events that attract thousands of collectors, investors, fans and enthusiasts from around the world. Martin has managed the sales of iconic artifacts and notable collections including the property of Marilyn Monroe, PELÉ, Mohammed Ali, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Lady Gaga, CHER, Michael Jackson, U2, Jimi Hendrix, Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, among many others.

In 2016, Martin oversaw the three-day auction event of MARILYN, featuring property of famed acting coach Lee Strasberg, Lord David Gainsborough-Roberts and the infamous Jean Louis dress worn by the legend at Madison Square Garden in 1962. Julien’s Auctions was recently awarded its second placement in the Guinness Book of World Records for the sale of the world’s most expensive dress ever sold at auction, the Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress which sold for $4.81 million.

Martin regularly appears on broadcast programs and international networks including the Today Show, CNN, CNBC the BBC and Reuters representing Julien’s Auctions in the global media. Born and raised in Athlone, Co. Roscommon, Ireland, he resides in Los Angeles and New York.

Jason Debord

Chief Operating Officer

Jason is responsible for the management, operations and organization of the company, along with an additional emphasis in overall marketing, new media, and helping the company to build on their Hollywood and Rock ‘N’ Roll categories.

Jason was born and raised in Northern California, and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Communication Arts from Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television and a Bachelor of Arts in English from CSU Sacramento.

In 2007, Jason launched the industry first Original Prop Blog website, which he created to benefit and serve the public interests of the art market. The site features thousands of articles about collecting, authentication, news, opinion and more.

In 2012, Jason created the Rock Subculture Journal website, which publishes his own work as a photojournalist with original concert reviews and Rock ‘N’ Roll photography. Jason has photographed hundreds of music artists at live events as press spanning a wide range of eras and genres, building a portfolio of hundreds of thousands of Rock ‘N’ Roll photographs.

Jason worked as a Producer for ABC Studios on Prop Culture, a new anthology docuseries about movie props and costumes that is streaming on Disney+.

Jason is currently co-executive producer and co-host on the YouTube series, That Pop Culture Show.

Jason brings over a decade of experience in building brands specializing in pop culture, fandom, and the collecting markets to Julien’s Auctions. Jason is focused on expanding into related market segments, leveraging his expertise in a wide range of collectibles and memorabilia. A collector himself, Jason has extensive experience in many roles in a variety of art markets, from movie and television props and costumes to stage and studio used instruments and wardrobe from Rock ‘N’ Roll to comic books, vintage gaming, toys and more.

Joanna Diego

Operations Logistics Manager

Originally interested in business management, Joanna worked as a Merchandise Supervisor for Santa Monica amusements, over eight years. Now at Julien’s Auctions, Joanna is the operations logistics manager, overseeing receipt and allocation of consignments among different bits of the company. Joanna finds inspiration in all things art, music, and sports making Julien’s Auctions an ideal space to work.

While on a creative endeavor she studied Shakespeare and English literature, favorite reads include Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, etc.

Michael Edwards

Director of Warehouse Operations

Michael Edwards was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Joining the Julien’s team in 2016, he brings a deep knowledge of warehouse operations and unparalleled experience in the prep and handling of fine art and collectibles. Prior to joining the Julien’s team, Michael managed the Designer Services Shipping Department for a major Los Angeles moving company. Michael loves the outdoors and his cats Dr. Figaro Chookles, Phillip and The Moondancer.

Adrian Eller

Consulting Sports Researcher Associate

Adrian has competed in sports since a young age starting with every school sport he could sign up for. With the encouragement and support of his family, Adrian competed in the Junior Olympic Archery Development Program (JOAD). After just a few years of hard work and dedication Adrian was ranked in the JOAD’s top 5 U.S.A archer’s multiple years in a row, including being a backup for the Olympics. Since then, Adrian has passed on the enjoyment of Archery by teaching at youth camps, schools, clubs, and events to everyone of all ages.

After finding a love for the challenge and spirit of competition, Adrian and his family has continued to compete in many different sports at varying levels to this day. Recently NKA dirt track racing and USPSA practical shooting competitions at a local and regional level.

Adrian is a fan of all sports and since 2020 has brought his passion, knowledge and hunger for learning to Julien’s auction house.

Summer Evans

Director of Photography

Summer has been passionate about photography since she was young. She shot her first roll of film, which was entirely of her dog, when she was eight years old. She attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara where she attained a B.A. in Professional Photography. While working for Bonhams & Butterfields, she continued her interest and development as an exhibiting fine art photographer. In 2011 she joined the Julien's team where she brings her enthusiasm, experience, and love of creative photography to the company.

Kody Frederick

Director of Gallery Operations & Digital Production

Kody Frederick joined Julien’s following 6 years of work in various roles in TV and Film Production.

After graduation from Boise State University with a degree in Economics, Kody left his home roots of Idaho to explore his more creative side, finding work as a Producer with Cinema Relics. This opportunity helped establish Kody’s understanding of TV and Film production and over six years Kody would be involved with various projects ranging from/though not limited to; the development of CNBC’s West Texas Investors Club (2014), Producer and star of YouTube fan favorite Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film (2016) to his role as a Segment Producer on the Disney+ docuseries, Prop Culture (2020).

Currently Kody’s role as Gallery Director range from the oversight of gallery and event operations to the production and management of future Julien’s Auctions marketing events and outreach.

Kody strives to contribute to Julien’s Auctions recognition as the #1 Auction House for celebrity estates and Rock ‘N’ Roll ephemera by implementing new and innovative strategies to help expand their reach and building a brand that people describe as more of an experience than a lot number.

Eric Hirsch

Sports Specialist

Eric Hirsch received his Bachelor’s degree in History from Williams College in 2019. After graduating, the Massachusetts native spent two years as a Litigation Paralegal in New York City. Upon moving to Los Angeles in early 2021, he began freelance writing articles on professional sports and pop culture. He previously contributed sports and features articles to The Berkshire Eagle and The Williams Record.

An avid athlete and sports fan, Eric competed on the varsity men's soccer team in college and spent the off-seasons serving as a beat writer and color commentator for basketball games and the official scorer for baseball games. More recently, he worked as a youth basketball and soccer coach and camp instructor in the Beverly Hills area. He enjoys watching basketball, soccer, football, baseball, golf, mixed martial arts, boxing, and tennis. Eric also has a strong interest and background in music and musical performance. He enjoys playing the piano and guitar.

Mitchell Kaba

Director of Cataloguing

Being raised in a family of antique collectors, Mitchell early on developed a fascination for rare and unique objects. As a child he spent much of his free time collecting photographs and ephemera and hunting flea markets for lost treasures. His love of history later inspired him to travel the world where he made his home in a number of diverse locations including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Alaska, Japan, Bangkok, and Istanbul. While living in New York he attended NYU and honed his research skills by working on notable projects such as curating antique books for an exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, interning at Swann Auction Galleries, and providing appraisal consultation work for various television productions including American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Storage Wars.

Mitchell spent over eight years as a rare book dealer in Seattle, over five years as a principal appraiser for HW Inc. in New York City, and has been a defining member of the Julien's Auctions team in Los Angeles since 2013 where his specialties include fine and decorative art, printed and recorded media, and Hollywood and Rock 'N' Roll memorabilia

Mitchell is a member of the National Auctioneers Association, a graduate of the appraisal studies program at NYU, and has successfully completed the USPAP course and exam which highlights the congressionally recognized standards promoted by the Appraisal Foundation.

Ricardo Limon

Warehouse Logistics Manager

Ricardo (Ricky) Limon was born and raised in California. Ricky comes to Julien's with an extensive background in warehouse management, most recently the Estate of Michael Jackson. In 2010, Ricky joined the Julien's team.

Jennifer Anne Lorenzi

Consulting Fashion & Costume Specialist

Jennifer Lorenzi is from Miami, FL and has earned degrees at Florida State University while studying in London, England (B.A., Art History) and Istituto Marangoni, in Milan, Italy (Intensive Diploma Fashion Design). Jennifer previously worked at Kerry Taylor and Augusta auction houses as well as with top New York designers, stylists, art galleries and museums. She currently specializes with the costume and fashion collections at Julien’s Auctions.

Nima Mahdjour

Consulting Data Manager

Nima holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Technical University of Berlin [Technische Universität Berlin] and a Master of Science degree from Steven's Institute of Technology in New Jersey. Since 2001, he has been working in information technology in multiple capacities such as network administrator, software developer, project manager, and founder. In 2007 he co-founded the auction software platform SAM and sold it to Bidpath in 2015 where it is used by numerous auction houses. He has been the Data Manager at Julien's Auctions since 2017, where he is integral to the electronic set-up of every auction conducted throughout the year.

Adrian Montes

Shipping Manager

Adrian Montes was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley and returns to Southern California after an eight year stint in New England where he managed the warehouse of Forced Exposure Music Distribution. Adrian has also served time at various record shops in the Los Angeles area. He brings an enthusiasm for music, film, sport, fashion, art and pop culture happenings and mementos.

Emily Peterson

Customer Service & Accounting Support Associate

San Diego native, Emily Peterson, graduated with honors from USC in 2017, receiving a Bachelor’s of Economics and a Minor in Vocal Performance. Since then, she has pursued her interests in finance through working in private equity, bookkeeping, and accounting. She is currently pursuing her Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB) credential through the NACPB, the nation's leading bookkeeping association.

As a lifelong musician and lover of the arts, she also is an avid performer, singing professionally in both staged and studio settings around Southern California. She sings in operatic and classical styles, as well as in contemporary genres, such as jazz, soul, and experimental, among others. Some of her other interests include second-hand fashion, running, and interactive fiction.

Stephen Pietropalo

Warehouse Associate

Stephen was born and raised in the San Fernando valley. He plays drums and bass guitar and has a passion for making music. Stephen worked at Tiffen/Steadicam and helped do electronics work and put together one of their new rigs. He worked as a plant nursery groundskeeper and salesman for about 2 years. Stephen attended Santa Monica College and Los Angeles Valley College.

Hillary Ripps

Executive Offices

Hillary inherited her interest in the film industry from her father, who worked for MGM for over 40 years beginning in 1929. Hillary has worked with many well known film directors, producers and writers, including Barbra Streisand (on “Yentl”), Tony Bill (“Six Weeks”), Jeff Kanew (“Tough Guys”) and Jon Peters (“Caddyshack”). She also partnered in a very successful Academy Award winning independent production company for over 20 years, producing the films as well as running the office and handling business affairs. It was during this period that she received an Academy Award nomination and became a member of the Academy, where she serves on several Executive Committees. She is delighted to be a member of Julien's Auctions staff as the Office Administrator which enables her to assist in the many facets of setting up the auctions.

Ken Sharp

Warehouse Associate

Ken knew at 11 years of age he wanted to move to Los Angeles to be involved with the Entertainment Industry. He moved to Los Angeles at age 19 from Ohio and put himself through school, earning a degree in Electronic Communications Engineering as well as studying Business Administration at Cal State Dominguez Hills and University of Phoenix.

Ken’s three decade career with prominent 90,000 sq. ft. Hollywood prop house came to a close in 2020 where he started as a Sales Associate and ended as President, while continuing to be involved with every aspect of company operations including Designer, Buyer-(involving international travel), Customer Service, Sales and Warehouse Management, Human Resources, Advertising and Marketing, Inventory and Quality Control, Shipping/Receiving.

Ken received Emmy Honors award in 1998 for outstanding Art Direction contributions from the Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences.

Ken’s designs, artwork and inspirations have been seen in thousands of feature films, TV shows, commercials, videos and magazines, from “Austin Powers”, “Spiderman” and “Star Trek” to “Big Bang Theory”, “Modern Family” and “Agents Of Shield” to every type of product advertisement such as BMW, Dell, Taco Bell and AT&T.

Ben Raphael Sher


Ben Raphael Sher received his Ph.D. in Cinema and Media Studies from UCLA, where his scholarship focused on American film and television history, genre, and archival research and methods. As part of a fellowship funded by Bette Midler, he was trained to process special collection materials, and created an institutional finding aid for the Phyllis Diller Collection at the UCLA Library, Performing Arts Special Collections. In 2015, he won UCLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

Since 2005, Ben has written about film, TV, and popular culture for various publications including Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide, Backstage,, the Shout! Factory blog, and His scholarship has appeared in the anthologies New Queer Horror Film and Television (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2021) and From Madea to Mogul: Theorizing Tyler Perry (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2016).

Prior to coming to Julien’s, Ben worked as a TV and podcast producer, specializing in pop culture history. Most recently, he was Senior Producer on three seasons of the award-winning AMC documentary series Eli Roth’s History of Horror.

Tyler Smith

Warehouse Associate

Tyler has lived in Southern California his entire life. He has had a diverse background of jobs. He’s been a dockhand, a server, a laborer, ski patrol, gym manager, warehouse worker/driver and in construction management. He enjoys boating, rock climbing, skiing, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Two of his favorite shows are American Pickers and Antiques Roadshow. He comes to Julien’s with a great appreciation for authenticity, beauty, and history.

Rick Spector

Consulting Hollywood Specialist

Rick Spector has been enthralled with film and cinema history most of his life. That interest began in wanting to know who those people were, whose names raced by at the end of movie, and why so many of them were the same.

He studied under Dr. Don Ungurait, at Florida State, who became a strong influence and whose friendship he valued. After commencing a normal existence in the commercial world, a new generation of collectors were beginning to discover silent films in the late 70s and 80s. Prints were being discovered and others restored. Classic film was undergoing a revival as they became accessible on video tape and cable channels. This led to some wanting to collect the costumes, props and artifacts of the Golden Age of film and television and a new industry was born.

Rick opened a shop selling those items, in Mt. Dora, Florida, with treasures from the Cecil B. Demille Estate, the first Camden House auction in LA, and tidbits from Collectors Book Stores monthly sales. Later, several auction houses like Sothebys, Christie's and others used him as a consultant over many years.

Lucas Talbot

Sports & History Cataloguer/Researcher

Lucas Talbot is a Los Angeles native who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at California State University, Northridge. He comes to Julien’s Auctions in 2021 with an extensive knowledge of sports as he once worked at Fox Sports and CBS Sports. Being a Journalism major, he is grateful that he can continue to practice his writing as a Cataloguer/Researcher for the Sports Department at Julien’s Auctions. In his free time, he loves to watch his favorite teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers, play ball and continues to develop a strong passion for film and television.

Gracie Williams

Hollywood Specialist

Everything Gracie Williams creates is characterized by her obsession with all things vintage (music, clothing, and culture). Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Gracie amassed a collection of vintage clothing and memorabilia at a young age by scouring estate sales and antique shops. It was through these items that she developed a deep appreciation for history, research, and storytelling. In 2021, Gracie graduated with a B.F.A. in writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design and began her career as a journalist for publications such as Flaunt, American Songwriter, Far Out, Grace Influential as part of the Princess Grace Foundation, and more.

Gracie brings her love of historic memorabilia and Old Hollywood to the Julien’s Auctions team.