Greta Garbo

717 GRETA GARBO JUICERS A group of three juicers: a manual glass juicer; a Vitasphere electric juice extractor; and a Braun electric juicer. Greta Garbo was a friend of Gayelord Hauser, and followed many of his diet guidelines, which in- cluded drinking fresh juices. $100–150 244 | Greta Garbo 716 GRETA GARBO HEALTH AND FITNESS BOOKS AND BROCHURES A collection of books and brochures including a diamond method food combining chart; a “Fundamentals of Eye Training” information sheet; an “Introduc- tion to Cell Therapy” brochure; a letter from Boris Sokoloff, M.D., advising Greta Garbo against her current diet; a note from Henry Bieler, M.D., thanking Garbo for her letter to him; a spiral-bound copy of Institute of Infinite Science: A New Revolutionary Way of Eating (California, 1954); a folder produced by Kathryn Murray Inc. titled “Facial Exercises”; a small brochure from Larchmont Press titled “Is Low Blood Sugar Making You A Nutritional Cripple?”; “A For- eign Language Guide To Health Care” produced by Searle & Co. with medical language translated into French, German, Italian, and Spanish; a “Classical Nutrition” brochure by Maximilian Sikinger; How to Be Fit by Robert Kiphuth (New Haven: Yale University Press); How to Regain and Retain Health by J.H. Maassen (Los Angeles: Health Publications); The Art of Clear Thinking by Rudolf Flesch, Ph.D. (New York: Harper & Brothers); Sleep! by Ray Giles (New York: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, end paper is marked “G.G.” in Garbo’s hand in pencil; The Magic of Walking by Aaron Sussman and Ruth Goode (New York: Simon and Schuster); Divine Posture Influence Upon Endocrine Glands by Cajzoran Ali (1928); and Natural Elimination by H.A. Ives (1941). Largest, 17 by 11 inches $200–400 718 GRETA GARBO MAJESTIC VINTAGE WAFFLE IRON The appliance has an attached underplate. Together with a handwritten waf- fle recipe on Hampshire House New York stationery. Diameter, 12 inches $150–250