Event Details

Julien’s Auctions presents a unique online-only Hollywood auction featuring Property From The Collection of Jane Fonda and Joanne Carson. If you did not get a chance to win something in the live auction, this is your chance to walk away with a piece of Hollywood. This timed online-only auction will run from Saturday, September 24th through Sunday, October 9th, 2016.

 The wide-ranging sale includes jewelry, awards, wardrobe, furniture, and decorative arts from the iconic mega-star Jane Fonda! You will have an opportunity to bid on memorabilia owned and cherished by Joanne Carson including: passports, jewelry, medals, and plaques. Carson’s eye for fashion was legendary, and now you can own wardrobe from designers such as: Donna Karen, Armani, Versace, and more!
Visit us at www.julienslive.com to view the catalog and bid on this stunning and comprehensive Hollywood online-only auction!
Extended Bidding: This auction will be governed by an "open-ended" 30-minute rule. The auction will go into 30-minute mode when any bid is placed within 30 minutes of the auction closing time. Once in 30-minute mode, every lot in the auction will be extended by an additional 30 minutes each time a new bid is placed. Once 30 minutes has passed without any new bids being placed, the auction will close. This is designed to protect you from losing lots to sniper bidders trying to place bids right before the closing in hopes no one else will have time to bid again. This process may take several hours, so you have the option of leaving an absentee, or maximum, proxy bid. Our system will bid on your behalf incrementally until you have either won the item, or your maximum has been reached.