Event Details

Julien’s is proud to announce that the auction of the Property from the Estate of Frank & Gail Zappa continues online. This exclusive online-only event ends on Sunday, November 13, 2016.

 The auction features a collection of personal and stage-worn clothing from Frank Zappa and the personal clothing of Gail Zappa, with a stunning collection from Gail’s wardrobe of vintage pieces from the 1930s to 1980s. Among Gail’s wardrobe pieces is a silk chiffon wrap that was said to be Frank Zappa’s favorite clothing item belonging to his wife. From the wardrobe of Frank Zappa, a satin and sequin polka dot jacket believed to be worn on stage in 1975 and a T-shirt that reads “The Balls, gravity is my favorite drug,” as well as other clothing items worn on stage, for photoshoots, personal shirts and vintage jackets. The auction also includes jewelry and accessories worn and made by the Zappa family.
Also made available for the first time is a collection of furniture and fine and decorative art from the Zappas’ Laurel Canyon compound, including the iron gates from the entry of the compound, salvaged architectural windows, artwork, photography, textiles and items collected on the Zappas' extensive travels around the world. These decorative items reflect the Zappas’ eclectic style. It has recently been reported that Lady Gaga has purchased the 7,000 square foot home that housed Zappa’s Utility Muffin Research Kitchen recording studio.
Among the items from the studio and Zappa’s music career are recording equipment, multi-effects processors, floor monitors, a pedal board, a Euphonix console, amplifiers, speakers and road cases of various sizes. From the home office: license plates from around the United States that read “ZAPPA 1,” “RDNZL,” “HOTZITZ,” and “FZFZFZ 1” among others; signed items from celebrity friends; artwork; and awards and honors presented to Frank Zappa for his music, his creative and technical innovations, being a champion of free speech, and his 1979 GRAMMY nomination for the song “Dancin’ Fool.”
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Zappa fans to own a piece of Zappa history.
Please note: This auction will be governed by an "open-ended" 30-minute rule. The auction will go into 30-minute mode when any bid is placed within 30 minutes of the auction closing time. Once in 30-minute mode, every lot in the auction will be extended by an additional 30 minutes each time a new bid is placed. Once 30 minutes has passed without any new bids being placed, the auction will close. This is designed to protect you from losing lots to sniper bidders trying to place bids right before the closing in hopes no one else will have time to bid again. This process may take several hours, so you have the option of leaving an absentee, or maximum, proxy bid. Our system will bid on your behalf incrementally until you have either won the item, or your maximum has been reached.