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Julien’s Auctions invites you to experience Marilyn Monroe as viewed by the photographers who captured her essence.

Bidders have the opportunity to bid online on a carefully curated selection of photographs of the Hollywood legend.

The sale represents the work of six infamous photographers who shot Monroe from their unique perspectives in the years 1945-1962. The images document Monroe through her career development and journey to becoming the woman who continues to fascinate the world. This online-only auction includes photographs by Bruno Bernard, better known as Bernard of Hollywood, taken in 1945 of a young starlet at the start of her career; 1952 images by Andre DeDienes of the actress on her ascent in Hollywood and additional photos by DeDienes as he photographed Monroe early in her modeling career; also featured in the sale is photographer Phillipe Halsman who revealed Monroe’s fragile strength and sensuality; George Barris who took us behind the scenes revealing Monroe as a woman dealing with the pressures of stardom; Eli Attar who captured Monroe’s candid and off-hand beauty; and Douglas Kirkland, who showed the world Monroe’s playful, yearning and complicated view of herself as a sex object.

Each photographer approached Marilyn differently and through their singular talents and lenses revealed a new facet to the iconic star whom we know so well but, really, know not enough at all.

Join us at www.julienslive.com in this celebration of art, perspective, and Marilyn Monroe. This sale closes on August 13, at 6:00 p.m. PST. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your collection, and your view, of one of Hollywood’s most beloved and complicated stars.


Ended August 13, 2017
at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time
(with extended bidding)
Bidding Available Exclusively Through Julien's Live

Extended Bidding: This auction will be governed by an "open-ended" 10-minute rule. The auction will go into 10-minute mode when any bid is placed within 10 minutes of the auction closing time. Once in 10-minute mode, every lot in the auction will be extended by an additional 10 minutes each time a new bid is placed. Once 10 minutes has passed without any new bids being placed, the auction will close. This is designed to protect you from losing lots to sniper bidders trying to place bids right before the closing in hopes no one else will have time to bid again. This process may take several hours, so you have the option of leaving an absentee, or maximum, proxy bid. Our system will bid on your behalf incrementally until you have either won the item, or your maximum has been reached.