Event Details

Julien’s Auctions is proud to announce the auction of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s, wardrobe items and ephemera from the collection of designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush.

These pieces have not been seen since Jackson wore them on stage and in his videos. These very special items are offered for sale for the first time on December 2, 2012 at the Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills Gallery as part of our annual Icons & Idols auction.
The exhibit and auction include the designs created by Michael Jackson’s long time costume designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush, which are also featured in the highly anticipated illustrated book by Michael Bush, THE KING OF STYLE: Dressing Michael Jackson, which will be published by Insight Editions and available October 30, 2012. The collection of Jackson clothing and wardrobe offered for sale, and seen in the book, showcases Michael Jackson’s love of fashion and huge impact on popular culture. Many of the items featured in the book will be included in the auction with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas and Guide Dogs of America in Los Angeles.
Sale highlights include a 30th Anniversary of Madison Square Garden show signed prototype helmet which was wired to illuminate a row of battery powered lights below the visor. The helmet is signed in black marker to designer Michael Bush and states “To Bush Love Michael Jackson,” and Jackson’s “Scream” video costume which includes a pair of black spandex pants with matching long sleeve shirt and mesh tuck strap. Each costume piece is marked on the interior in gold marker “2/2” or “2/2 M.J.J,” indicating that two costumes were created for Jackson’s famous video shoot. Michael Jackson’s Captain EO white spandex shirt featuring ribbed neck, zip closure and a rainbow motif is also included as well as the King of Pop’s Awards Ceremony jacket which is a black wool jacket embellished with red armband, gold tone metal floral buttons, metallic embroidered crown patch at chest and buckled leather straps at right shoulder. Jackson wore this jacket when he attended the 3rd annual Soul Train Awards in 1989 where he was honored with the Sammy Davis, Jr. Heritage Award, the Heritage Award for Career Achievement and awards for his single and video for “Man in the Mirror.”
There is no doubt that Michael Jackson was a global fashion icon as well as award winning and beloved musician. His wardrobe dictated many of the styles throughout the last few decades. Jackson played a very intimate role in the designs and completion of every costume and piece of clothing he wore both on stage and in his personal life. Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush shared a very personal and close 25 year relationship with the artist which is rich in story-telling that runs throughout this collection, as well as detailed in the upcoming book.
A portion of the proceeds of the auction will benefit two charities, Guide Dogs of America (GuideDogsofAmerica.org) and Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas (www.nah.org).