Artist: Blek Le Rat
Title: Music to Live 1
Stencil, spray paint and acrylic on canvas
218 x 142 cm. (86 x 56 in.)
Available: Purchase Now (Limited Time)


Blek Le RatBlek le Rat, widely considered as the Godfather of modern Street Art, was the first to use stencils for silhouetes on the street. He studied engraving and architecture at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He would leave his mark in the world’s biggest museum, the urban landscape through his life-size stencils. Inspired by graffiti he had seen on a trip to NYC in 1971 and a stenciled portrait of Mussolini from WW2 which he had seen in Italy in his childhood e sprayed small black rats running along the streets of Paris in 1981. The rats made him quickly known in Paris but it was only two years later, with the silhouette of an Old Irish Man, that Blek and his stencils became recognized all over France. Blek feels very close to his characters and always tries to link them to the environment in which he is working. The interaction created between the image, the space and the beholder is essential to understand Blek’s approach. Blek has been investigating the urban space for over 39 years and still continues to inspire urban artists all over the world.

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