Artist: RISK
Title: Keep On Butterfly
Acrylic, spray paint, crushed abalone on canvas
65x61.5 in
Available: Purchase Now (Limited Time)


RiskKelly “RISK” Graval is the Godfather of the West Coast Graffiti movement. He was the first Graffiti artist to paint train cars, freeway overpasses and billboards. His desire to put his work on dangerous, highly visible spots was called “Going to the Heavens”. Over the past two decades, RISK has become a force in the international art scene. Exhibiting in major Museums - LA MoCA, California Museum of Art and Long Beach Museum of Art. RISK’s work can be found in major galleries in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Miami and San Francisco. He has collaborated with Aerosmith, Bernie Taupin and Michael Jackson.

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